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Gimmelwald, as seen from the walk from Murren  
Gimmelwald - view 1
Gimmelwald, the cluster of buildings just past the avalanche control structures, as seen from the path from Murren.   The Schwarzmonch (Black Monk), the sheer cliff facing Gimmelwald, with many waterfalls. Behind it are the Eiger, the Monch (neither visible from this vantage point) and the Jungfrau.

Gimmelwald - view 2

Gimmelwald - view 3
A view from the park bench at the end of the village (Gimmelwald), looking into the Sefinen Valley.   A different view from the park bench at the end of the village.

 The Cheese Hut    Ceremonial cow bells
The cheese hut on Gimmelwald's "Main Street," with shelves of cheese from several years. The owner poses with a visitor holding a wheel of alpine cheese.   Ceremonial cow bells worn during the procession of cows to the high Alps for the summer, hanging from the eaves of the old school house.

 Gimmelwald's public water trough    Gimmelwald Goats
Gimmelwald's public water trough.
  Gimmelwald's "Main Street" goats.

Gimmelwald - view 4   Gimmelwald view 5
Another "downtown" view.
  And another view from the park bench at the end of town.
Cows on the road from Murren   Gimmelwald Cable Car Station
In life, some cows get a better view than others, not to mention better munchies. (On the road from Murren to Gimmelwald)
  The cable car station, at left, provides the way to Gimmelwald, from the Lauterbrunnen valley, since cars aren't allowed. You can see two waterfalls on the cliff facing Gimmelwald. The road through the village begins to the right of the station. Murren is the next cable car stop, with the nearest grocery store, and two stops later is the Schilthorn, with the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant of James Bond fame ("On Her Majesty's Secret Service") and phenomenal mountain views, including the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.